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Absolute Strength

This is our Powerlifting training that builds our basic frame of the body. Primarily focusing on the major strength lifts - The Squat, The Bench Press and The Deadlift. The movements themselves aren't too technical but are fundamental to fitness and to strengthen good Bio-mechanics.


Explosive Strength

In this programming we focus on Olympic Weightlifting which is a lot more speed and technique. If you can do the fundamental lifts well then you'll understand the mechanics better here. The main 3 Lifts that are on focus here are the Snatch, Clean and Jerk.


Functional Fitness

This program is focused on G.P.P training (General Physical Preparedness). It incorporates all the training we do and more - keeping the weight moderate and the volume high. We focus on work capacity and Fitness

All of our packages work hand in hand. We customize your program to suit you - supplementing any other training you might be in or accommodate for any limitations.

Our coaching is available online and In-Person around Johannesburg, South Africa. If you are in the neighborhood - let us know! Contact us to find out pricing and more about our system and how we work.

Online P.T. has a minimum equipment and facility requirement. All this and more will be sent to you in reply to >Step 1. Contact us - Tell Us What You Want.

 When you sign up to any online package currently offered you will receive:

  • Nutritional Advice
  • Balanced Programming Catered to You
  • 1 Communication Session per Week
  • Personal Messaging During Operating Hours
  • Movement Assessment
  • and More.



Meet coach Matt, he has been Weightligting for 10 years as well as 6 years of coaching in both Weightlifting and Functional Fitness. He has competed on international platforms for South Africa as well as coached multiple athletes up to national levels.

"I love sharing what I know and coaching others to their cabilities. I'm excited to bring it to as many of you as I can and carry on growing our knowledge as well as our performance and health!"

  • Multiple S.A title holder as a youth and senior Weightlifter.
  • Represented S.A as a Youth and Senior lifter
  • CF-L2 Trainer

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